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About the LCROSS Mission
6/18/10, 4:50 pm

On October 9, 2009, the LCROSS Mission will be investigating the possibility of water on the moon by measuring the debris caused by the rocket crashing into the surface of the moon for water ice. The project relies heavily on worldwide citizen science efforts. Water is an incredible resource, a key component to for the colonization of space, and is also an important source to help us undersatnd the evolution of the universe.

Giant Pacific Octopus
6/21/10, 9:54 am

Our biologist, Nancy Levine, provides a close-up encounter with our giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini).

Penguin Valentines
6/21/10, 10:25 am

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our special Valentine's Day Penguin Show & Tell program happening this Sunday, Feb 14, 2010. Our biologist Pam is distributing hand-made valentines to the birds, who will use the material in their nests. This type of enrichment activity is something we do often to keep the birds engaged and it mimics the foraging that wild African penguins do year-round to keep their nests comfortable. Note: There is no sound with this video.

Construction Time-Lapse
6/21/10, 11:36 am

A time-lapse video of the new California Academy of Sciences building being constructed. The building re-opened on September 27, 2008 and designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano, the new Academy is one of most eco-friendly buildings in the world and was awarded a LEED Platinum certification after its completion.

Burmese Vine Snakes
6/21/10, 4:51 pm

Dangling from branches over water, they watch and wait for fish to swim close to the surface before plunging their heads into the water. Arboreal (tree-dwelling) snakes who eat fish are very rare. To date, Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences is the only aquarium in the world to have this species on display. Visitors to the Academy can find the snakes in the Water Planet exhibit. (Video filmed by Richard Ross.)

Robert C. Drewes: Gulf of Guinea IV: Morro Provaz, Sao Tome
6/23/10, 3:58 pm

Dr. Bob Drewes explains the importance of Afrocarpus mannii, an evergreen tree native to São Tomé Island in the Gulf of Guinea.

Tour of the California Academy of Sciences
6/25/10, 5:14 pm

Scott Moran, Lead Project Manager for the construction of the new California Academy of Sciences, gives a tour of the new facility, which opened in fall 2008.

Seahorses Threatened with Extinction
7/8/10, 12:41 pm

The destruction of coral reefs, trawling and the use of seahorses in Chinese medicine is leading to their decline. How do we stop this near-mythical sea creature from becoming extinct? "Wired" interviews Academy researcher, Healy Hamilton, to discuss this unique fish and the dangers that threaten them.

Plastics in the Ocean
8/20/10, 11:13 am

Plastics are surfacing in our oceans. What's the solution?

Bio-inspiration: Gecko Adhesive
8/30/10, 12:58 pm

Bio-inspiration is when engineers and scientists look to nature for ideas. Locally, researchers at UC Berkeley are developing an uber-adhesive based on a gecko's feet.

Morrison Planetarium: Fragile Planet
9/24/10, 10:46 am

The Academy's inaugural show in the Morrison Planetarium is Fragile Planet. This 30-minute round trip to the outer reaches of the universe reveals how special Earth really is.

Visitors begin their voyage at the Academy, lift off through the atmosphere to gain an astronaut’s view of Earth, then travel to the Moon, Mars, and beyond to search for habitats that might host extraterrestrial life. Narrated by Sigourney Weaver and interwoven with talks by a live presenter, Fragile Planet will redefine your sense of "home." For more information about show times, visit the Morrison Planetarium.

Life: A Cosmic Story (Trailer)
10/14/10, 11:12 am

2011 Best Fulldome Program at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Life: A Cosmic Story, is a high-speed ride through the history of life. Narrated by Jodie Foster, with an exceptional soundtrack.  Come explore the age-old mystery: How did life on Earth begin? Opened November 6, 2010.

Research on the Academy's Roof
11/1/10, 2:12 pm

Our living roof supports only native plant species. Jessica Van Den Berg, a grad student a SF State, wondered what types of insects those plants would attract.

Mosses - Jim Shevock
12/2/10, 3:02 pm

Jim Shevock is the Academy's moss specialist. He's traveled the world in search of these plants, leaving no stone unturned.

Peter Gleick: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water
12/28/10, 3:55 pm

Peter Gleick, scientist and freshwater expert, talks about his latest book: Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water

Caribbean Octopus Vulgaris Hatchlings
2/28/11, 4:57 pm
Shortly after being put on exhibit at the Academy, this Caribbean Octopus vulgaris took up residence inside a glass bottle, on full view for adoring fans. Just as quickly, it moved back under a rock and started denning, and laying eggs. While eggs being laid in captivity is generally an exciting event, this particular species, like many but not all octopus, stops eating after it lays eggs and dies soon after they hatch which tends to put a damper on the joyous occasion. The biologist responsible for their care, Richard Ross, caught the hatching of the eggs from start to finish on film, and describes it as a waterfall flowing upwards toward the water's surface. Now, Ross faces the difficult task of trying to support thousands of tiny hatchlings. This species is "small egged" meaning it produces large numbers of very small planktonic 'paralarvae' which are notoriously difficult to feed and raise. The adult female and hatchlings will be on display for as long as possible in the Staff Picks area of the aquarium.