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Dinosaurs Alive 3D trailer - through February 7th, 2013



See this 3D movie In our Forum Theater through February 7th, 2013.  Shows daily at 11:00, noon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 pm.

See the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous in a 3D presentation. Join renowned paleontologists as they discover new fossils and uncover evidence that dinosaur descendants are still among us. Realistic and scientifically-accurate computer generated animation brings dinosaurs back to life…in a big way!  Recommended for children ages 5 and older.

Film access included in General Admission.

Length of Film: 40 minutes 

In association with the American Museum of Natural History 

Distributed by: Giant Screen Films 

Major funding and Support Provided by:  

National Science Foundation •  Museum Film Network •  3D Film Interest Group

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History of the Steinhart Aquarium
9/20/13, 4:03 pm

As we celebrate its 90th anniversary, we look back on the history of the Academy's Steinhart Aquarium. 

Minerals at the Academy
2/23/12, 1:05 pm

Colorful minerals are often cut for fashioning into jewelry, but they also have a more practical side too.  We use some of them every day.

Sustainable Collecting
4/1/11, 4:05 pm

Aquarium biologists travel to Costa Rica to gather animals for Academy exhibits.

Maya Lin - What is Missing?
1/25/10, 3:12 pm

World-renowned artist Maya Lin discusses the evolution of her final memorial project, What is Missing?, which debuted at the California Academy of Sciences on September 17.

The memorial is dedicated to raising awareness about the crisis surrounding biodiversity and habitat loss. This permanent sculpture at the Academy is the international debut of a multi-sited multimedia work that will exist both physically and virtually.

The work, along with Lin's other sculpture at the California Academy of Sciences, Where the Land Meets the Sea, was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission and reflects the Academy's drive to explore, explain and protect the natural world.

Friendly Fungus
2/17/15, 10:53 am
What lies beneath a mushroom and how does it help the ecosystem? Fungi are essential in providing moisture to soil and plants, and play a huge role in decomposition. With animations from Habitat Earth.